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5 Ways to Show Your Loved One the Freedom that Comes From an Independent Living Community

Posted by Alison McCool on Aug 16, 2017 10:30:53 AM

Untitled_design_(7).pngMoving to a secure living community has many advantages for seniors. The misconception of becoming isolated in these types of communities is far from accurate, as top-rated communities have many programs and activities designed exclusively to give residents the opportunity to remain active well into their golden years.

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With different floorplans to choose from, and the convenience of activities and social events held on the premises, this encourages participation among residents. Freedom is an important aspect of retired living and should be factored into the community at every level. Whether your loved one is in need of memory care, physical therapy, or simply the occasional medical checkup, a successful retirement community will have services in place that can fit into everyone’s personal schedule.

To get an idea of how our community provides more freedom, here are 5 of the most popular benefits of independent living that seniors look for:

1. No Home Maintenance - As we get older, even something as common as changing a lightbulb or yard work can become difficult. In an independent living community, all of the home maintenance is taken care of, from clogged sinks to appliance repair or replacement. This has the dual benefit of making life easier for your loved ones and greater safety related to attempted home maintenance. You can even elect to have housekeeping services, including linen changes and general house cleaning.

2. Immediate Emergency Care - For a senior, falling down can lead to very serious complications. Other medical problems that develop when we age include the need for memory care, and the importance of having access to appointments and regular caregivers. Independent living communities provide these services as part of the residential package, ensuring that our residents are getting the care they need and deserve.

3. Interaction and Involvement - Studies have shown that maintaining an active lifestyle can help reduce memory issues and reduce depression. Exercise classes, clubs and organizations, and planned activities are a few of the many ways a retirement community will help seniors remain active and engaged. Additionally, communities offers a wealth of opportunity to make new friends and enjoy a social life that may not be possible for those who age in place or at a family home.

4. Reduced Stress and Responsibility - Cooking and keeping up with appointments are two instances where stress and responsibility can lead to problems for seniors. A lack of desire to cook can lead to other conditions, including malnutrition. Another related problem, such as failing memory may result in missed medical care and the consequences related to not getting proper treatment. In an independent living community, regular meals are available without a need to shop or cook, and appointment reminders or even home visits will make things easier while improving the quality of life.

5. Improved Security - For older people living alone, security is a major concern. Retirement communities reduce risks by providing on-site security, employing monitored security systems, and giving residents the reassurance of having an immediate investigation of strange behavior on the property.

In Glendale, Arizona, Thunderbird Senior Living is a premiere independent and assisted living location for seniors. We have designed our locations to give seniors as much freedom as they are looking for, with an eye towards safety and convenience. Our residential areas are well suited for an active, independent lifestyle, along with memory care, medical, and therapeutic services intended to keep your loved ones healthier and happier. Learn more about what we have to offer by contacting us today.



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