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How Seniors Can Use Siri, Apple's Assistant, to Make Life Easier

Posted by Alison McCool on Feb 28, 2018 11:34:00 AM

Siri for Seniors.jpegSiri is Apple's personal assistant who is meant to make your life easier. Thanks to a simple user interface, Siri has become a best friend to many seniors. With a few common commands, seniors are discovering the comfort and convenience that comes when you have a friend you can always rely on.

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Here are a few top commands that can make your life easier:

"Set an alarm for tomorrow morning at 7:00am."
Fumbling around with the buttons of an alarm clock or figuring out how to manually set your phone to go off at a desired time can be tough. Thanks to Siri, you just tell her when you need your alarm to go off, and she'll take care of the rest.

"Remind me to take my medicine."
Forgetting to take medication can lead to big problems. Unfortunately, as we age, this can often become a common occurrence. When you tell Siri to remind you to take your medication, you just set it and forget it. When it's time to take your daily dose, she'll let you know.

"Read my emails."
If you find it difficult to stare at a computer screen, reading emails and keeping in touch with family and friends can be a cumbersome and frustrating task. By telling Siri to read your emails, you can avoid the squinting and headaches in exchange for relaxing and listening to her tell you what's going on in the world.

"Send a message to Bob and tell him I'm running late."
Maybe you're not text savvy, or maybe you're en route to meet a friend and can't take your eyes off the road. Siri makes it possible to send messages to the people in your contact list without fumbling through the phone book or using your fingers to compose the text.

"Add milk to the grocery list."
It's easy to forget things as we age, but keeping up on the grocery list is much easier when you just tell Siri what to add when you notice you're out of something. When you get to the store, your list will be there ready and waiting for you to hit the aisles. If someone else does your shopping, you can simply send them your list or share it for easy access.

Has Siri already started to make your life easier? Tell us about your most-used commands at our Thunderbird Senior Living Facebook page!

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