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How Thunderbird Senior Living Allows You to Live the Life You've Earned [Video]

Posted by Alison McCool on Jun 7, 2017 8:21:28 AM

Thunderbird Senior Living is in Glendale, Arizona, and is a wonderful full-service retirement campus. That includes our recently opened Journeys Assisted Living and Memory Care. All the units there are rented, and you're not going to find much better value in terms of what we're able to offer for a very reasonable price in our community.


I think people believe that when they move into a retirement community, life is going to start shrinking on them. Well, what we discovered is our folks, that live there, find that life begins to expand again. Because they have more energy to put into things they feel are the most important things for them. And then number two, there's opportunities, because of the population that we have there, to do things that they may have given up. There's always someone available to play bridge, exercise, do something fun.

Then there are even some folks get into things they've never even thought about. So making the decision to move into a retirement center is not institutionalizing yourself, instead, it really is freeing you to enjoy everything that you've earned. And we hope you would want to do that at Thunderbird Senior Living.



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