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How to Use Technology at Your Senior Housing in Glendale, Arizona to Stay in Touch with Your Loved Ones

Posted by Alison McCool on Oct 11, 2017 9:44:00 AM

use technology to stay in touch with your loved onesWhen you and your loved ones are separated by distance, it can get hard to stay in touch. Settling for a physical visit a few times a year and manipulating busy schedules isn't always a viable option. Technology, however, provides an alternative way of connecting residents in retirement communities to their friends and family.

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Seniors across the country are increasingly using the Internet to stay in touch with loved ones. The Pew Research center discovered that large numbers of the Baby Boomer and Silent generations, have access to cellphones, laptops, and computers that allow them to connect with others online. The study also found that many of the seniors they interviewed found that using technology was important to them. With 70% of seniors using the Internet on a given day, it is evident that technology is key in helping seniors maintain their relationships.

Having access to the internet keeps seniors connected to their children and younger generations of their families, such as grandkids or great grandkids. It also prevents isolation and keeps the lines of communication open. Communication technology has opened up new methods of maintaining contact with friends and family. Here are a few ways seniors in independent living communities can use technology to stay in touch:

Video Chat

Tablets, smartphones, and most laptops will often have webcams built into them. This offers you a chance to utilize Skype, Facetime, and other programs for video chatting. Live video can help ease the feeling that loved ones are miles apart. Both parties are able to see and hear each other.
Not much can beat face to face communication. Seeing the smiles of your grandchildren offers a totally different experience than that of hearing them on the phone or seeing a picture. The programs are simple to install and set up, and only an Internet connection is required.

Email and Text

Emails and text messages are great ways for seniors and their families to stay updated on the happenings in one another's lives. With a text or email, you can send pictures or messages of events, daily life, or even important documents. Daily emails or quick text updates throughout the day can be as fulfilling as a letter arriving in the mail box.

Social Media

It isn't just the young adults and teens. Social media use has grown among the senior population as well. Nearly half of all seniors are using social media sites such as Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, and others. Many older adults are flocking to social media for social bonding.

As a major platform, Facebook is an excellent tool for seniors to keep in to connect with their friends and family members while also keeping up with both family, local, and world events. It helps keep families closer while closing some of the distance that can occur when one first makes the move to a retirement community. Facebook posts are easy to post and easy to interact with through comments, likes, and personalized emojis.

The digital age provides seniors at independent living communities with the ability to stay connected with their families even when there are miles separating them. At Thunderbird Senior Living in Glendale, Arizona, modern technology is always within reach. Many common areas in the community provide WiFi access. Thunderbird Senior Living also offers technology classes such as Facebook 101, that teaches their residents how to begin using Facebook.

The ability to stay in touch with loved ones is so important. More than ever, seniors are embracing and using the Internet, computers, and other technology to stay connected with their families. Thunderbird understands the importance of modern communication and has made a commitment to accommodating residents with the capabilities to communicate with families by providing the necessary technology. Learn more about Thunderbird Senior Living.


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