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Understanding the Reservations Your Parents Might Have When Looking for an Independent Living Community in Glendale, Arizona

Posted by Alison McCool on Jul 26, 2017 8:41:26 AM

independent living community Thunderbird glendale arizonaMany people desire to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. Our homes are familiar places, they are full of our memories and belongings. But as people get older, staying in a home, alone, is not always the best option.

The baby boomer generation truly has reinvented the meaning of senior living in recent years. Today's communities offer a variety of housing options with a wealth of amenities designed to keep elderly residents active, happy, and healthy. Here, seniors can thrive without the responsibilities of maintaining a home or hiring help. Seniors can enjoy social outings and activities that will keep them happy and healthy long into their golden years.

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It is understandable why elderly parents may still voice concerns about leaving their homes. For loved ones, it is important to listen and understand that they have a right to these concerns. By understanding their worries, you can better bring light to their reservations and help point them towards making the best decision for themselves.

3 Common Reservations Your Elderly Parent May Have:

1. Concerns about losing their independence.

Many seniors fear that senior living communities equate to a loss of independence. However, the truth is very much the opposite. What retirement communities like Thunderbird Senior Living offer is the ability to enjoy more and better opportunities for seniors. These communities take over the basic chores of housekeeping, yard work, cooking (although some apartments do feature kitchens and kitchenettes for seniors who prefer preparing their own meals), and other onerous daily tasks. Instead, residents can enjoy their days participating in onsite clubs like knitting group and band circles, group outings, and workshop classes, or simply reading in the garden, surrounded by new friends. Having your own apartment at Thunderbird is about having the freedom you’re looking for while enjoying company and assistance when desired or needed.

2. Concerns about having strangers care for them.

Another big reservation elderly parents often have about senior living communities isn't so much about leaving their home, but rather worries related to putting their care into someone else's hands. A loving family member is always a first choice for caregiving responsibilities. Unfortunately, that isn't always possible nor is it always in everyone's best interest. Thankfully, there are many great people working at today's independent living communities who will make sure those in their care receive the best attention. At Thunderbird Senior Living, we welcome you and your loved one to come meet our staff, and speak with current residents about the many positive experiences they have had with our experienced and friendly employees.

3. Concerns about being bored or unable to manage their own activities.

Again, with the wealth of amenities and activities offered by modern senior living communities, there is simply no time or space to be bored. From active day trips and outdoor excursions, to onsite personal enrichment classes, there is something to meet the needs and wants of everyone. Seniors who don't get out or stay active tend to feel less independent. That's why we work hard to provide an environment that encourages physical and mental activity. Our caregivers are on hand to assist with daily tasks and facilitate more active opportunities.

Few things are harder for a family caregiver than an older parent who refuses to acknowledge they may need a bit extra help or change in their living arrangement. It is important to listen to their concerns and worries in full and understand the natural fears everyone has regarding aging and leaving familiar places. Give your parent or parents plenty of time when looking at and researching independent living communities in Glendale, Arizona. Do not make this a hasty decision for yourself or for them. Take the time to visit the community, view open apartments, and talk to residents and staff members. Often times, once seniors see the difference of modern retirement communities for themselves in person, they are the ones pushing for the move.



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